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Partnership - K12 Insight

GRRecruiting's Partner - K12 Insight


GRRecruiting is pleased to work with K12 Insight, a recognized leader in the area of delivering high-quality customer experiences and technology solutions to help K-12 administrators and school board leaders build and nurture community trust, while providing exceptional customer experiences to students, parents, teachers, community members, taxpayers and staff.

Together, with K12 Insight, we combine the latest technology with qualitative and quantitative analysis for a superior and unique executive search experience, ensuring every stakeholder has a voice in the process, while creating a culture of listening within the district designed to set school leaders up for success in their their first 100 days and beyond.

Few public bodies impact the average citizen as closely as education administration jobs. Unlike traditional executive searches, which are often criticized for not including enough community input, GRRecruiting and K12 Insight collaborate to execute a search and selection that is equal parts art and science. We go deep with you, your candidates and your community, leveraging a unique feedback loop and virtual customer experience platform, so you can ensure that your next school district leader boasts the kinds of experience, confidence and commitment needed to inspire your school community for years to come.

For more information about GRRecruiting or our partnership with K12 Insight and how we can assist your district find its next great leader, and supports for student success for administrators & boards contact us at https://www.grrecruiting.com or call 888-319-7949.


The DIFFERENCE  Executive Search Partners Make

 GRRecruiting and K12 Insight

Designed to improve district stakeholder communications

Provides ongoing community outreach

Utilizes open 'listening doors'


The Art & Science of Community Listening

Through the use of current technology, GRRecruiting and K12 Insight provide data analysis that is qualitative and quantitative, thus enabling all community input to be recognized.   Each stakeholder will have the opportunity to be heard with their voices helping to frame the profile desired in their next school leader. We pride ourselves in working together directly with GRRecruiting in supporting school board members and their communities to create a ‘culture of listening.’

  • Recognized thought leader in building trust
  • Powered by the latest supportive customer service technology
  • Informed by feedback, analysis & research
  • Select the right leader, at the right time for your community
  • Build and sustain a ‘culture of trust’