Recruiting and Supporting Educational Leaders

Initial and Ongoing Board Support, Candidate Recruitment and Care, Proven Success in Placing Leaders.


GR Recruiting Connecting Educational Leaders

Committed to our clients by recruiting, and supporting outstanding educational leaders.

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GR Recruiting supports potential candidates throughout the executive search process, from initial contact, to knowing them as individuals and professionals, to selection of the final slate of candidates, to the appointment.

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Let our team of experienced associates assist you with all levels of executive searches -superintendent, cabinet level, administrative staff and building principals.  We tailor the search process to meet your district’s interests and needs.

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Members of our firm can provide a wide range of services to your school district.  These services are detailed on the link below and include support of the Superintendent, Board and Community at large.

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Initial and Ongoing Board Support  |  Candidate Recruitment and Care  |  Proven Success in Placing Leaders

Initiate Search Process

Associate team works with Board to set timeline and activate all phases of the search process.


Hold sessions to engage the community and develop a leadership profile that is critical to the interests aligned with the stakeholders' priorities.

Candidate Recruitment

Utilize our network of nationwide Associates to identify and recruit top quality leaders who match the profile.

Select Candidate Slate

The Firm provides the Board with a slate of highly qualified candidates aligned to the profile of priorities of the Board and Community to begin interviews.

GR Recruiting Connecting Educational Leaders

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