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The GR Recruiting Equity Program is developed on the concept of strengthening leadership at all levels while continuing to establish a positive direction for school districts that includes maintaining positive improvements where every student is getting what they need for true success.
The GR Recruiting Equity Program contains five modules that have been designed to address the key areas which will assist any district in addressing the many challenges and desired outcomes needed to provide equity throughout the entire school district.

Superintendent as an Equity Leader

The Superintendent as an Equity Leader Module is a unique, professional learning program designed to assist veteran, early-career, and prospective superintendents with the effective work of change and equity leadership in complex educational systems. One of the critical areas this module is focused on is assisting superintendents with forming a meaningful guiding coalition around change and equity which empowers others to act on the same vision.

Board of Education - Governance Through Equity Leadership

This School Board/Superintendent Governance Module includes unique, professional learning elements designed to assist school board members and their superintendents in helping to maintain and establish the effective work of school board governance and equity leadership. Among the topics covered will be a review of Board Policies and Agreements on how the board and superintendent come to consensus on how to work together in the best interest of the district especially as it relates to equity issues.

External Community Stakeholders Focused on Equity

The External Community Stakeholders Module is focused on helping school superintendents and their executive staff provide insight and perspective about equity to external stakeholders. The goal is to gain support from all community stakeholders and develop viable partnerships that foster opportunities for all students to excel. 

Success Based on Equity for School Staff - The Positive Benefits

The School Staff Equity Module is a unique professional learning opportunity designed to provide veteran and early-career school staff with knowledge and skills needed to ensure that equity is an integral component of building and classroom culture.

This module will assist school districts with the tools needed to prioritize promoting diversity and equity within the school culture and the classroom. 

Equity for All as it Relates to Disabilities

The Equity for All as it relates to students with disabilities module is a unique   professional learning for school board members, superintendents, district curriculum leaders, principals, and teacher leaders.  Areas of focus in this module include policies, processes and placement related to identification and service delivery for students with disabilities. Focus will also be on building district capacity for leading and supporting inclusive practices at school sites, as well as, providing inclusive scheduling  for students. This would include providing support for students in inclusive classrooms and other general education settings. This module will also focus on collaborative teaching practices which allow general and special educator opportunities to collaborate on instruction, assessment, behavioral and learning support goals for students with disabilities.

The primary focus will be – Providing an atmosphere that promotes a sense of belonging, equity, acceptance, and individual worth.

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