This is Who We Are...

Committed to our clients by recruiting and supporting outstanding educational        leaders.

Experienced and Aggressive

We are the most EXPERIENCED and AGGRESSIVE search team in the nation.

Thorough Process

We use a thorough process conducted by our experienced team and customized to your District’s interests and needs.

Our Primary Focus

The firm specializes in school executive leadership searches from Superintendent, our primary focus, to cabinet positions and building principals and provides ongoing support of all placements.

A Proven Process

GR Recruiting will provide a proven, but flexible search process, plus ongoing leader advisement and support from some of the most experienced, diverse consultants in the nation.

Large and Diverse Pool of Candidates

GR Recruiting will provide large and diverse pools of candidates through a national network of recruiters.

2 Year Guarantee

We provide a two-year guarantee on placement of candidates, including complete professional background checks of top candidates conducted by an external firm--at no added cost.

Valuable Associates

Our associates bring valuable experience, and are committed to ongoing and thorough communication with our clients.

Associate Team

Great care is taken to assign associates with a wide range of educational backgrounds to recruit candidates from all educational, military, non-traditional and private sector experience.

Technology and Virtual Options

We utilize technology and virtual options to engage community and to inform them of the timeline, and share desired leader traits. The Board then reviews electronic candidate pool applications and video interviews and the firm provides a proven, objective scoring instrument for the Board to reach consensus in selecting their candidate.

A Proven Record

GR Recruiting has a proven record of recruiting top candidates nationwide, reaching out with personal contacts; Gary Ray himself will always be an integral part of each search.

GR Recruiting Connecting Educational Leaders

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