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Deputy Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Leading

The salary will be in the range of $210,000-250,000K plus an excellent comprehensive benefit package.

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The Deputy Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Leading reports directly to the Superintendent. This position
provides leadership, guidance, and support to staff and ensures the District develops and maintains the highest quality of
curriculum and instruction that leads to all students being prepared for success in college, career, and community
leadership. This position oversees the entire Teaching, Learning and Leading Division and the development and
implementation of all instructional and leadership initiatives within the District including on-line curriculum, interim
assessment materials, pacing guides, instructional frameworks, and parent-friendly versions of District curriculum; is
responsible for quality control and evaluation of all curriculum-related documents, as well as establishing and maintaining
an effective monitoring and coaching relationship with administrative and instructional staff regarding pedagogy. The
Deputy Superintendent will develop alignment amongst key District initiatives: Curriculum Redesign, Special Education, and
Multilingual Education.

This position leads and fosters collaboration between the Assistant Superintendents and Executive Directors within the
department of Teaching, Learning, and Leading to ensure coherence and continuity of instructional initiatives and
professional learning across the District; advances the vision of Teaching, Learning and Leading in the District; supports
campuses, teachers, principals, and staff in implementing a coherent PK-12 strategy to support all learners; ensures that the
Teaching, Learning and Leading Division practices are designed to close achievement and opportunity gaps throughout the
District in order to ensure equity for historically marginalized students; leads the coordination of professional learning
across the District regarding research-based best practices in Literacy across all content areas; leads the coordination of
curricular adoptions, resource alignment, and resource distribution in order to ensure campuses are supported
appropriately with materials needed to implement programmatic requirements; provides instructional leadership support
to build leadership capacity to improve practices and increase student achievement; ensures appropriate support is
provided to campuses through Executive Directors, Directors, and Division personnel.


A Master's degree from an accredited college or university in educational administration, educational leadership, or
curriculum and instruction is required. A valid Texas Mid-Management or Administrative certification is required. Ten (10)
years of progressively responsible experience is required and must include three (3) years of teaching experience and five
(5) years of District level and/or campus administrative experience. Experience in planning, developing, and implementing
educational policies and programs is required. Five (5) years of supervisory experience is required. The incumbent must be
proficient in Microsoft applications and have the ability to use software to create spreadsheets, databases, and monitor and
evaluate complex data. A valid Texas driver’s license is required. This position will require frequent travel to campus and
District locations.
Leadership Skills:
▪ Utilize an equity by design approach for planning, decision making, and program development.
▪ Build highly functional leadership teams and implement instructional programs effective in improving student
academic outcomes.
▪ Apply leadership skills and manage a large staff at the executive director level and coach reports in management of
large programs.
▪ Ability to oversee and maintain a large District budget and have knowledge of budget control methods, policies, and
▪ Ability to merge conflicting views and expectations into a long-range vision for students, District staff, and the
▪ Ability to handle difficult and stressful situations with professional composure. Ability to problem-solve and reach
consensus when faced with differing opinions/views.
▪ Exercise absolute discretion regarding matters of a sensitive or confidential nature.
▪ Monitor/assess the performance of self, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take
corrective action.
Instruction and Curriculum Development Skills:
▪ Utilize current theory, research, and best practices in curriculum development, instruction, assessment, teaching

strategies, pedagogy, as well as differentiations of instruction necessary to create effective and productive student-
centered learning environments.

▪ Provide expertise knowledge of special populations, particularly with regard to current national research and best
practices. Knowledge of federal and state guidelines and District policies and procedures regarding special
population students’ services and programs.
▪ Knowledge of assessment and accountability systems, and data collection, management, and analysis.
▪ Apply research-based practices in the teaching, learning, and assessment of curriculum.
▪ Knowledge of effective research-based strategies, theories, techniques, and methodologies.
▪ Knowledge of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
▪ Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human
resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.
▪ Align curriculum instruction and assessment and implement instructional programs by leading and facilitating
effective collaboration among departments and instructional leadership teams.
▪ Skill in instructional program design, implementation, and management.
▪ Skill in professional development program design and implementation of staff development facilitation.

Communication and Public Relations Skills:

▪ Public relations, organizational development, communications, and interpersonal relations.
▪ Written and oral communication skills including ability to interact with and influence all levels of headquarters and
campus staff, parents, and community members.
▪ Collaborate and work effectively with teachers, administrators, and others.
▪ Build teams and communicate effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.
▪ Present, facilitate, and develop professional learning environments that transition to classroom and administrative
best practices.
▪ Ability to present information in one-on-one, small group, and large group situations to students, parents, and
District staff.
▪ Skill in working with initiatives that require collaboration with District, outside agencies, and organizations.

▪ Serve on the Superintendent’s leadership team and attend all Board meetings and other District and community
functions as needed.
▪ Interface with governmental agencies, business, civic, employee organizations, and the community to provide
needed information and to promote the District’s educational initiatives. Build and maintain a strong relationship
between the community and the District by articulating the goals of the District and providing information on
programs, practices, and policies that affect schools.
▪ Work collaboratively with the Superintendent and the leadership team to implement and monitor instructional
programs and maximize student achievement at all schools.
▪ Develop parameters and expectations to guide the Assistant Superintendents in overseeing the process for campus
leadership selection, orientation, and development.
▪ Make recommendations to the Superintendent on termination, suspension, or nonrenewal of employees.
▪ Maintain a commitment to the District’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
▪ Guide the Assistant Superintendents in developing short and long-range plans to meet the objectives of the District
and assumes responsibility for the management of administrative procedures in all campuses.
▪ Provide leadership to all personnel to ensure that all campuses are operating effectively toward achieving District
goals and individual campus performance standards.
▪ Create a comprehensive short and long term strategy for the District's portfolio management, school improvement,
talent development, and new campus functions.
▪ Evaluate Assistant Superintendents and oversees the evaluation of Executive Directors.
▪ Select, train, supervise, and evaluate professional and administrative staff, and make recommendations relative to
assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.
▪ Demonstrate professional, ethical, and responsible behavior. Serves as a role model for all Division staff.
▪ Develop, clearly articulate, and implement a compelling vision for the District’s curriculum and instruction for each
content area by grade level, to ensure rigorous and standards-aligned curriculum, instruction, and instructional
support in every classroom, for every student.
▪ Plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs including learning objectives, instructional strategies, and
assessment techniques.
▪ Ensure the efficient and effective delivery of educational and support services through day-to-day coordination and
supervision of all curriculum, instruction, and professional learning functions.
▪ Create an environment that enables all educators to provide authentic, and personalized experiences for all
students, including historically underserved populations.
▪ Oversee a comprehensive professional learning program that provides relevant training and development
opportunities for campus administrators, teachers, and other educational staff that will improve teaching and
learning. Create opportunities for personnel to reflect on their practice while engaging in the systemic improvement
of practice over time in every classroom.


▪ Supervise all operational components of the instructional program for schools including campus and student
improvement initiatives, workforce needs and allocations, and staff training needs.
▪ Recommend policies and develop procedures for effective implementation of instructional programs.
▪ Strategically manage and allocate resources (money, people, time, etc.) aligned to student needs. Collaborate withthe Superintendent's leadership team to allocate necessary resources to meet the operational, academic, extra-
curricular, and support service needs of each campus.

▪ Build and lead a highly effective, innovative team that is assessed on its ability to continually improve instructional
practices to ensure coherence of design and implementation of all instructional initiatives.
▪ Develop intentional collaboration opportunities that develop instructional programs and implement reform models
designed to improve achievement of all students.
▪ Assure that the District’s curriculum is aligned with TEKS objectives. Work with appropriate staff to develop, revise,
and maintain curriculum documents based on systematic review and analysis. Ensure that initiatives are coordinated
and integrate both academic content and instructional strategies.
▪ Manage the development, implementation, and monitoring of short and long range goals and objectives in support
of an overall strategic plan for curriculum, instruction, and professional learning.
▪ Oversee the monitoring and reviewing of test data and using findings to develop District and campus plans and
instructional strategies to ensure high levels of achievement for all student groups.
▪ Develop and implement rigorous and inclusive programming for Special Support Programs, including Special
Education, Career & Technical Education, ESL/Bilingual Education, Fine Arts, and Early Learning,
▪ Ensure the use of appropriate technology to approve the selection, deployment, and evaluation of new technologies
and software for all students and campuses.
▪ Develop, organize, and implement models of technical assistance for schools with low student achievement; and
models of continuous improvement for schools with average-to-high student achievement.
▪ Research and stay current with all federal and state rules, policies, and guidelines. Responsible for training and
supervision at all levels to maintain District compliance.
▪ Exhibit high professionalism, standards of conduct and work ethic.
▪ Demonstrate high quality customer service; builds rapport/relationship with the consumer.
▪ Demonstrate cultural competence in interactions with others; is respectful of co-workers; communicates and acts
as a team player; promotes teamwork. Respond and act appropriately in confrontational situations.
▪ Oversee that staff follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties including lifting,
climbing, and operating tools and equipment according to established safety procedures.
▪ Correct unsafe conditions in the work area and promptly report any conditions that are not immediately correctable
to appropriate authorities.
▪ Provide an exceptional customer experience for all AISD stakeholders with intentional and professional practices
that promote a culture of respect and focus on achieving equitable outcomes.

Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare
situations driven by need where a team effort is required.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform
the essential functions of this job. Work is generally performed in a standard office environment but may require some
travel to different District locations. This position may involve rare exposure to blood or body fluids. Regular attendance is
required for this position.

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