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Interim Director of Teaching and Learning- Congratulations to Johanna Cooper

The salary will be in the range of $100,000. Open Until Filled.

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Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Program Leadership:
  • provides leadership in defining and implementing an instructional framework that supports the learning of all students, leads to equitable student outcomes, and honors the identity of each student.
  • Provides leadership in the area of building/district level assessments, including assessment organization, oversight, and reporting.
  • Provides leadership and direction for curriculum improvement based upon research, analysis of district data and community needs in conjunction with the Comprehensive School Improvement Program.
  1. Planning and Programming:
  • Stays abreast of research on the changing nature of the profession, the field of public education and changing national, regional and local trends that may impact program areas.
  • Participates in discussions on evolving demands and expectations and the impact those demands and expectations will have on assigned programs.
  • Uses forecasting tools and strategies to predict future needs.
  • Anticipates and develops strategies and programs that respond effectively to anticipated needs and the changing profession.
  1. Professional Development:
  • Provides leadership to development of a comprehensive professional development program for all instructional staff, including ongoing administrative professional development and support in enhancing instructional practices.
  • Ensures the professional development program is fiscally responsible and ensures increased probability that teachers and administrators will change their practice.
  • Works closely with administrators, teachers, instructional coaches and other departments to identify best practices and to improve instructional practice.
  1. Curriculum and Instructional Support:
  • Ensures the development of effective instructional support methods, including instructional coaching, probationary teacher professional development and District sponsored university courses.
  • Works with administrators, teachers, and instructional coaches in selecting, developing, and aligning curriculum consistent with state academic standards and district philosophy and goals.
  • Directs the articulation of curriculum across the K-12 spectrum.
  • Reviews district instructional and curricular programs for cultural responsiveness.
  • Collaborates with other relevant stakeholders to continually improve the inclusivity of instructional methods and curriculum.
  • Reviews Department of Education mandates and guidelines in curriculum areas.  Initiates action to bring the district into compliance for those areas in which deficiencies exist.  Plans to bring the district into compliance for those items having a future mandate.
  • Directs and supervises the study and selection of all basic and and supplementary instructional material and resources, in accordance with district policies and regulations related to CSIP.
  1. Financial Management and Strategic Planning:
  • Advises the Superintendent and Board on the financial needs and implications of the educational program.
  • Administers programs within approved budget parameters including allocation of staff (FTE) resources.
  • Oversees and/or participates in preparation of staffing analysis and reports.
  • Takes action to determine allocation and redirection of FTE. Maintains and approves expenditures from elementary program budgets.
  • Assists the Superintendent in developing priorities and long range goals for the district.
  1. Policy Formulation and Guidance:
  • Recognizes the need for and formulates policies necessary to implement educational goals and objectives and to assure effective implementation and operation of assigned programs.
  • Establishes a system for periodic review of policies to determine when modifications are necessary to advance the goals of the department and to serve the overall needs of employees and managers and the organization.
  1. Program Direction and Staff Supervision:
  • Oversees organizational management in all assigned areas (currently assigned areas Title programs, Perkins, Virtual Academy, CSIP, TLC, Teacher Quality, DAC).
  • Assures that functions are effectively structured and work coordination procedures are in place to achieve a high level of integration and synergy across programs functions.
  • Approves position structures and operating practices essential to the development and delivering of quality programs and services.
  • Recruits and assigns staff ensuring that they possess and practice the values necessary to achieving the level of program delivery and customer service that is essential to a highly effective organization.
  • Assesses, evaluates, and provides for training and professional development of subordinate staff.
  • Creates communication, collaboration and coordination processes that assure all staff are timely and effectively informed of department policies, issues, and guidance that their programs are expected to support.
  • Establishes an environment in which all staff members are comfortable and forthcoming in sharing their ideas, needs and concerns, and in which the staff collaboratively works together to seek solutions and resolutions.  
  • Assists in evaluation of designated personnel and makes recommendations regarding employment assignment and salary.
  1. Program Evaluation, Analysis and Feedback:
  • Establishes a system of data collection and analysis that provides for continuous assessment of instructional program effectiveness and/or changing needs.
  • At least annually, conducts a comprehensive assessment review of all programs to determine their level of effectiveness and contribution to the mission of the department and to identify problem areas, areas of high success, and areas in needs of change.
  • Prepares structured presentations to the Superintendent and other relevant stakeholders to share the program evaluation results.
  • Visits classrooms to observe and be familiar with ongoing programs.

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