Spotsylvania County Public Schools


The base salary will be in the range of $245,000 plus a comprehensive benefit package.

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Spotsylvania County Public Schools seeks a superintendent who:

- Promotes a “student-first” philosophy.

- Is a decisive leader who can make difficult decisions even when options are not optimal and
manages complex circumstances through problem solving/decision making

- Is an effective communicator, creating strong school and community relations through
transparency and open dialogue

- Ensures accountability for all and responsibility for actions and makes strategic, high-quality
decisions with big picture lens, while managing district resources

- Is a trusted public education leader who values ethics and integrity by practicing moral
authority and leads by example through honest practices

- Someone who understands finance

- Remains confident in making firm decisions that may not be popular but challenges

- Provides sustained, systemic, and evidence-based interventions to obtain equitable access
to learning for ALL students

About Spotsylvania County Public Schools (SCPS):

Salary and Benefits:
The base salary will be in the range of $245,000 plus a comprehensive benefit package.  The
final salary for the successful candidate will be negotiated and determined based upon proven
experience, qualifications, and meeting Board criteria.

Candidates must obtain Virginia superintendent certification.
Masters degree required, Doctorate preferred.

Application Process:
Please send all application materials and inquiries to:
Phone Inquiries: 888.319.7949
Candidates should not contact Spotsylvania County School Board.

Deadline and Selection
Materials submitted will remain confidential as allowed by law. Application must include
- A letter of interest
- Online application form
- Resume or Vitae
- 3 letters of reference
Application Deadline June 17, 2022

Spotsylvania County Public Schools

Board Approved 4/21/212
     Date                                                   Process
 April 21, 2022          Planning meeting with Board of Education representatives.
 April 14-21             Individual Board Member Interviews.
 April 14                 Begin preparing information for the District promotional materials.
 April 22      Notify all associates and other professional contacts of vacancy.
 April 22                 District notifies stakeholders regarding input opportunities
                                             Via online survey April 25, 2022
 April 25                 Online survey link, for input on developing the profile, available on District website  
 May 10-12                 Town Hall Meetings
  May 13               12 p.m. deadline for survey/input from stakeholders, and Board of Education members, including online survey.
  May 16                  Board of Education to finalize Superintendent profile
May 17                Begin accepting applications from candidates and recruitment of candidates who meet the superintendent profile.  
June 17               Deadline for all application materials.
June 28                    Search firm will present top candidates to the Board in closed session and discuss candidates to be interviewed. The Board will also finalize 1st round Board interview questions.
June 29 & 30           Interview selected candidates (1 round).
June 29 & 30            Meeting with consultant following the last interview.
July 7                         Interview top candidate(s) (2 round).  (optional/if needed)
 July 7                             Meeting with consultant following the last interview.
July 11                       Announce finalist.
     TBD                       Offer the contract.
     TBD                      Provide support options for Board and new Superintendent.

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